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Husband. Dad. Minister. Coffee afficionado. Writer. History nerd. Lover of good graphic design. Creative administrator. Wonderer.

The Thrill of Hope

The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn’ This lyric comes from one of my favorite Christmas carols: “O Holy Night.” I’ve always been captivated by the curious phrase, the thrill of hope. I’ve always wondered something. What is it, exactly, that makes hope thrilling? Thrilling isn’t …

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All the Poor and Powerless

One of my favorite songs is called “All the Poor and Powerless” by All Sons and Daughters. The opening verse states: All the poor and powerless And all the lost and lonely And all the thieves will come confess And know that You are holy And know that You are holy Those who end up …

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The Best Antidote to Unhealthy Theology

A few days ago, a member at my church got in touch with me about some unhealthy theology that a loved one of hers was beginning to wade into. This person had stumbled across a theologian whose teaching had raised her suspicions. She was determined to understand the teaching she was dealing with and she wanted to …

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Reacting To Culture

For the first time since I became eligible, I wasn’t able to cast my vote for any of the leading presidential nominees without violating my conscience. The developments in the presidential race that have occurred since Tuesday have actually decreased my confidence in our culture and in whoever becomes our next President. Do I believe the sky is …

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Four Tips for Parental Discipline

I’m teaching a marriage class at church and I opened the floor for participants to ask me any of their marriage and family related questions. And, they submitted some excellent questions. Last week’s question has to do with raising kids: How can you discipline your children in a godly way? I probably raised more questions than I …

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