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My reflections on leadership: moving others—and myself—from where we are to where we should be.

The Church and the World

The relationship between the church and the world can be complex, especially for the church. I’ve always thought and taught that there are essentially three postures that the church—which is to say, both congregations and individuals—can take toward the world around them. They can insulate. Churches or individual believers who insulate themselves see all of the problems …

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Fighting for the Heart

I had only been in full-time ministry for four months when I attended a conference in Atlanta with friends. One of the first speakers preached a sermon that fueled my ministry in those early years. God had used him to transform a dying church into a vibrant community of belief that was, and still is, on …

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Why Your Church’s Mission Matters

I’ve always appreciated a well-written mission statement. Recently, as I was sitting in the whirlpool at the YMCA loosening up after a swim, I glanced up at the prominently posted rules of conduct and noticed the Y’s mission statement: “The mission of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that …

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Want to Get Noticed in Ministry?

I’m an ambitious person. Not a characteristic you typically associate with someone who is in ministry? I agree; at first, that may seem like a contradiction. We typically think about ambition in a negative sense because we’ve witnessed so many ambitious people doing whatever they can to climb the ladder, to achieve, and to protect their …

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How to Know When to Leave

Sometimes you have to walk away. That’s a painful truth in ministry. Sometimes you’ve worked so long, fought so hard, influenced to the extent of your capabilities, and had all the difficult conversations that are necessary and there’s no sight of growth or change on the horizon. It could be an unchangeable systemic problem, nearsighted …

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