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The Original Attack on Marriage

I have always supposed that the great fall of Satan, his wicked rebellion against God, happened in eternity past. I assumed it occurred eons before God created the Earth. But, what if it didn’t? When we meet him, , Satan is in full and glad rebellion against the Creator. Did Satan already have a long record of defiance? …

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To Please God’s Heart

As a believer, my greatest opportunity and responsibility is to please God’s heart. There’s nothing I should want more. Recently, I was asked to speak at a fundraising banquet for an awesome new organization located here on Indy’s west side. (If you haven’t heard of Active Grace, here’s your chance.) As I prepared for my …

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A Prayer Resource for You

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of teaching about the prayer priorities and practices of the Apostle Paul. As a part of the experience for participants, I put together a 42-day prayer guide to help all of us pray the Scriptures and put to practice what we’re learning. It’s been a challenging experience for me and …

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Back in the Saddle

If you would have asked me a year ago what I thought would happen in 2014, I guarantee I couldn’t have guessed. It’s been a wild ride. In the spring, a long chapter in ministry came to a close. We settled into a new church and a new chapter in the corporate world began almost immediately. We had …

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The Power To Do Good

A particular proverb has been rattling around in my brain for some time. It’s one of those bits of wisdom that has a way of sinking down and taking hold in my heart. “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act,” (Proverbs 3:27). Nineteen …

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