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Mutual Submission and Marriage

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I had been hoping for later. But it took place right out of the gate. On the very first week of a six-week marriage class, someone asked me about the dreaded S-word. How do we understand submission given the social norms we see today? So …

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Have You Prayed for a Terrorist Lately?

My family got into an interesting conversation on Thanksgiving in the light of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Yesterday’s San Bernardino massacre brought that conversation back to mind. The topic: What should the US do about the Islamic State? I mostly listened during that conversation. When I did speak up (as ministers are wont to do) I …

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The Original Attack on Marriage

I have always supposed that the great fall of Satan, his wicked rebellion against God, happened in eternity past. I assumed it occurred eons before God created the Earth. But, what if it didn’t? When we meet him, , Satan is in full and glad rebellion against the Creator. Did Satan already have a long record of defiance? …

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The Church and the World

The relationship between the church and the world can be complex, especially for the church. I’ve always thought and taught that there are essentially three postures that the church—which is to say, both congregations and individuals—can take toward the world around them. They can insulate. Churches or individual believers who insulate themselves see all of the problems …

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