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How to Forgive Someone Who Hasn’t Asked

Have you ever sensed the need to forgive someone who has harmed you? Forgiveness is easier when they apologize. But, what if they’re oblivious or unrepentant? Lately, I’ve done some thinking and praying about how to forgive someone who hasn’t asked. Before we get to that, we have to be clear about why we would consider forgiveness …

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Why Are You Hiding?

I got the dreaded call from one of my son’s teachers the other day. “Mr. Carr, I have to tell you about something that happened at school. Owen yelled, ‘Shut up!’ at one of his friends in the middle of the quiet library. He didn’t want me to tell you or Kelly but I told him …

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Perfect Parenting

Parenting is frustrating! As soon as you think you have your kid figured out, he changes! You just begin to learn the rules and settle into a rhythm. You get into the groove. Everybody’s happy. We’re all getting along. Then, without warning, he changes everything up on you. Rascal! What to do? As a parent, I strive to …

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Broken But Useful

When I was young, our television quit. My Dad and I took the TV to the appliance repair shop in the next town. We dropped it off, drove home, waited a couple of weeks, picked it up, lugged it back into the house, hooked it up, and used it for a few more years. Aside from making …

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Eight Words that will Save Your Marriage

When I was a kid, I decided I wanted to be really good at a lot of things. There were two causes for this. First, I’m sure I wanted to be able to impress people. Second, I enjoy learning. So, I set out to learn how to do stuff—random stuff. I learned to play guitar. …

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