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Knowing Our Kids Outside and Inside

We experienced a milestone as a family late this morning. We had a swallow study at the hospital. It’s a fascinating procedure. Owen ate and drank barium-laced food and drinks while a technician, speech therapist, and radiologist watched a live x-ray picture of the chewing and swallowing. They wanted to be sure that Owen—a kid …

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Who is Writing the Story You’re Living?

We are all living our own stories. Our stories can be beautiful. They can be tragic. They can be full of redemption, beauty, love, faith and triumph. And, they can also be full of grief, hurt, pain, fear and sadness. There are lots of chapters, multiple twists and turns, heroines and villains, and plenty of …

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What is Your Dream?

I’m so glad that America has Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream. I was born nearly 10 years after his tragic assassination. I wasn’t there to watch reports of the marches on the evening news. I didn’t read about legislative struggles in the newspaper. I wasn’t around to see others’ reactions. I wasn’t …

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Four Words Every Parent Needs to Hear

I blew my lid this morning. I’m not proud of it. It was quick. It happened. And then it was over. And I felt awful. I’m not defending myself but it wasn’t totally unprovoked. Nevertheless, the retaliation certainly wasn’t proportional to the infraction. I’d characterize Owen’s provocation at about Level Four. Mine? My response was …

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