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How to Forgive Someone Who Hasn’t Asked

Have you ever sensed the need to forgive someone who has harmed you? Forgiveness is easier when they apologize. But, what if they’re oblivious or unrepentant? Lately, I’ve done some thinking and praying about how to forgive someone who hasn’t asked. Before we get to that, we have to be clear about why we would consider forgiveness …

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To Please God’s Heart

As a believer, my greatest opportunity and responsibility is to please God’s heart. There’s nothing I should want more. Recently, I was asked to speak at a fundraising banquet for an awesome new organization located here on Indy’s west side. (If you haven’t heard of Active Grace, here’s your chance.) As I prepared for my …

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The Power To Do Good

A particular proverb has been rattling around in my brain for some time. It’s one of those bits of wisdom that has a way of sinking down and taking hold in my heart. “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act,” (Proverbs 3:27). Nineteen …

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The Church for Immigrants

Is the church for immigrants? I’ve been thinking about the issue of immigration. After kicking around some ideas as a response to the State of the Union Address, I took a look at what the Bible says about the issue. The next question I’m asking flows from that biblical perspective: What is the Church’s role …

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The Bible and the Immigrant Experience

I’ve recently written that the issue of immigration is provocative to me. A big cause for this is the fact that the immigrant experience is a central theme in the Bible. The immigrant experience in the Bible At the core of the Patriarchs’ identity was the experience of being foreigners in a foreign land. God …

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