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Why Are You Hiding?

I got the dreaded call from one of my son’s teachers the other day. “Mr. Carr, I have to tell you about something that happened at school. Owen yelled, ‘Shut up!’ at one of his friends in the middle of the quiet library. He didn’t want me to tell you or Kelly but I told him …

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Are You the Dad You Want to Be?

I love Father’s Day. I always have. It’s not just because I’m a dad and I get to set the agenda for my special day. It’s because I have a great dad. He has always been present and dialed in. He loves my mom. He has been a faithful father and husband. He works hard. …

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Perfect Parenting

Parenting is frustrating! As soon as you think you have your kid figured out, he changes! You just begin to learn the rules and settle into a rhythm. You get into the groove. Everybody’s happy. We’re all getting along. Then, without warning, he changes everything up on you. Rascal! What to do? As a parent, I strive to …

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A Father’s Love

It’s a season of milestones. My eight-and-a-half-year-old son began third grade this week. He looks so grown up. He’s turning into a young man. Along with the transitions, he’s learning additional ways of interacting with me. To state things simply, he’s learned to talk back. And, actually, he’s quite skilled at it! We’ve had a couple of run-ins in recent weeks …

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On Risk

I’m not naturally a risk-taker. But, I have taken risks. This was especially true when I was a kid. I never once wore a helmet while riding a bike. I can remember going over the handlebars a number of times while riding at the abandoned BMX track we found at a local park. We’d go flying …

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