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Reacting To Culture

For the first time since I became eligible, I wasn’t able to cast my vote for any of the leading presidential nominees without violating my conscience. The developments in the presidential race that have occurred since Tuesday have actually decreased my confidence in our culture and in whoever becomes our next President. Do I believe the sky is …

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World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. And, it’s caused me to reflect. I felt compelled to share what I’ve been wondering about. We would all like to make God into our own image. Many have tried. But, despite our best efforts to put God in a box or to define him in terms that are …

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Unborn Lives Matter

I had the honor of offering a prayer during the dedication ceremony for a new Life Centers location in Plainfield yesterday. And, tomorrow, I have the joy of celebrating my son’s tenth birthday. What do these events have to do with one another? The common thread is my conviction that unborn lives matter. My conviction isn’t …

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How to Kill a Culture of Violence

We live in a culture of violence. The other night, for the very first time, we allowed our son to witness someone being murdered in cold blood. It wasn’t intentional. Kelly and I were excited to introduce Owen to some of our most beloved Christmas movies. So, we sat down on the couch to watch …

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Have You Prayed for a Terrorist Lately?

My family got into an interesting conversation on Thanksgiving in the light of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Yesterday’s San Bernardino massacre brought that conversation back to mind. The topic: What should the US do about the Islamic State? I mostly listened during that conversation. When I did speak up (as ministers are wont to do) I …

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