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7 Reasons Weekly Worship is Vital

Central Indiana woke up to our first semi-substantial snowfall of 2016 this morning. And, while I don’t expect many to relate to what I’m about to say, I’m going to say it anyway. Sunday snow stinks! Any other day of the week, no problem. If it snows on Tuesday, we cancel school and everyone is happy. …

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Have You Prayed for a Terrorist Lately?

My family got into an interesting conversation on Thanksgiving in the light of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Yesterday’s San Bernardino massacre brought that conversation back to mind. The topic: What should the US do about the Islamic State? I mostly listened during that conversation. When I did speak up (as ministers are wont to do) I …

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A Prayer Resource for You

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of teaching about the prayer priorities and practices of the Apostle Paul. As a part of the experience for participants, I put together a 42-day prayer guide to help all of us pray the Scriptures and put to practice what we’re learning. It’s been a challenging experience for me and …

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