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How to Know When to Leave

Sometimes you have to walk away. That’s a painful truth in ministry. Sometimes you’ve worked so long, fought so hard, influenced to the extent of your capabilities, and had all the difficult conversations that are necessary and there’s no sight of growth or change on the horizon. It could be an unchangeable systemic problem, nearsighted …

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Back in the Saddle, Part 2

I recently wrote about the journey our family has taken over the last 12 months. Now that I’m back in the saddle, I want to share the lessons God has been teaching me in the process. 1. God never changes. It doesn’t matter what craziness is going on in the world—and there is so much of it—he …

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Responding to Change, Part 2

Several weeks ago, I wrote about a major change I was preparing to experience. I was leaving the familiar (i.e., safe, predictable, stable, comfortable) for the unknown (i.e., scary, unpredictable, uncertain, uncomfortable). At that time, I observed: “In my mind, there are two main postures I can choose to embrace toward change. I can be …

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Knowing Our Kids Outside and Inside

We experienced a milestone as a family late this morning. We had a swallow study at the hospital. It’s a fascinating procedure. Owen ate and drank barium-laced food and drinks while a technician, speech therapist, and radiologist watched a live x-ray picture of the chewing and swallowing. They wanted to be sure that Owen—a kid …

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To Trust or Not to Trust?

I remain idealistic enough to believe that the majority of people are worthy of my trust. I admit it; I’m a trusting person. Too trusting? I guess that depends. I am realistic; I’ve come across people I haven’t easily trusted. I’m secure enough not to allow myself to be blindly taken advantage of. But, I simply refuse …

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