Every Christian Should Have a Blog


“Every Christian should have a blog.”

Just one of those quotations I remember reading out there—somewhere in the vast expanse of the internet—that got me thinking:

I’m a Christian. Check!

I don’t have a blog. Hmmm.

So, here I am, reluctantly jumping on the bandwagon. I’m going to toss my own two cents into the massive mall fountain called the blogosphere with the hope of impacting the Kingdom. Who knows what might happen? I suppose one of two things: I become an insanely popular blogger, making a huge contribution to the world (and a nice income for my family) or I carve out a nice, quiet niche in which I can record my thoughts for my own consumption (and probably by my family and a few close friends). Either way, I’m in.

There are three questions that are probably appropriate at this point.

What will I post?

That’s to be determined. Mostly, I’ll post things that either have an impact upon me and those I love. Biblical insights. Resources. Commentary about current events. Quips and quotes I stumble upon. Maybe stuff I happen to be interested in: sports, design, communications, history—whatever. Being a pretty organized person, I assume that I’ll settle in to a somewhat predictable schedule. Until then, it’s a grab bag. We’ll see what happens.

When will I post?

My goal may be ambitious but my plan is to post three times a week. Because I like symmetry, I’ll probably post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But, just like the content, that’ll probably vary.

What’s up with the title?

I’ve always really liked the word wonder. As a Christian, I believe my sense of wonder is (or ought to be) squarely in the center of my relationship with God. So, I hope this blog reflects even just a little bit of my sense of awe and wonder. Also, I think one of the major failings to which we are prone (as a human race but, specifically, as Christians) is that we don’t ask enough questions. I wonder about a lot of stuff. I hope to ask a lot of questions. I may ask more than I answer; I’m OK with that. Actually, the stuff I’m left wondering about during my three dozen years of life has increased the wonder I experience in my relationship with God. I hope to make a contribution to that experience for others.

So, blogosphere, nice to meet you. I’m excited to make a contribution!

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