How do you Find your True Identity?


Which Downton Abbey character are you? Which breed of dog? Which Disney princess? Which Spongebob character? Which kind of bird? Which Muppet?

Have you seen them too? They’re all over the internet; quizzes that are supposed to help people identify themselves in their favorite movie or TV character, animal or celebrity. I know they’re mostly for fun. But, I think they reveal something about us:

We are not quite sure who we are.

Identity is a key theme, especially for those of us attempting to raise kids or influence the next generation in a world that—let’s be honest—doesn’t do them any favors when it comes to discovering who they are. We want our kids to have a strong sense of identity, rooted in a proper understanding of their status as children of God, people who are uniquely gifted by God to love and to serve others, people who have dignity, who are worthy of respect, who have valid and compelling dreams, and whose unique fingerprints are destined to be left all over a world who will benefit from their participation.

The other night, as we were doing nighttime Bible and prayer time with Owen, we read the story of Joseph. Joseph had some pretty big dreams. They were a window into God’s future for him, ultimately shaping his identity and destiny. Following the reading, there were a set of discussion questions and family activities. One of the activities was to draw a picture of our dreams.

Kelly proceeded to draw a picture of herself being a wife and mom. I drew a picture of me telling people that Jesus loves them. Then, it was Owen’s turn:

Owen drew a picture of himself and then quickly, and with determination, wrote, “NUTHING,” in big, bold letters. Then, he looked up at us and proudly said. “Nothing! I just want to be Owen.”

There it is! My eight-year-old son was able to express, in his own way, that he’s happy with who he is. That is, he’s happy with who God created him to be. And, that’s more than enough.

What about you?

Who are you? Who are your kids? I know this: you’re more than what a silly Facebook quiz can say.

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