Ten Ways to Serve Your Spouse


The concept of serving has always been close to my heart. It’s been a part of my life since I was a little kid. I have always enjoyed the experience of doing something significant—or seemingly not so significant—simply from a place of love and a desire to encourage someone.

It’s that time again: time for this week’s installment of the Saturday Serving Spotlight.


If you’re looking around to discover ways to bless people, you need not look any further than the person sitting across from you at the dinner table. Here are some ideas about how you can serve the person you love the most, your spouse.

1. Plan a date. Never mind what the romance gurus say, it takes a good amount of intentionality, planning, thoughtfulness and work to keep a relationship strong and full of life. No matter how long you’ve been married, there’s no replacement for a good, old-fashioned date. Take the initiative and start planning.

2. Take the kids out so your wife can get some quiet time. If your wife is a stay-at-home mom or if she’s building a career, chances are she could use a break. Find an activity you and the kids enjoy doing and take them off mom’s hands for the evening so she can get some rest and enjoy some quiet time on her own.

3. Book a tee time for your husband so he can go golfing with a buddy. If your husband enjoys golfing, he’s sure to appreciate this act of service. Whether he gets out on the course once or twice a year or once or twice a month, he’ll appreciate the fact that you have planned a special time for him to do something he enjoys.

4. Clean the bathroom … without being asked. The bathroom is everyone’s least favorite room to clean. So, what better way could there be to demonstrate your love than to roll up your sleeves, grab a sponge and make everything shine like new?

5. Let your spouse sleep in on Saturday morning. Get up early on Saturday with the kids, gather them together and keep quiet. Then, when you think the timing is right, make breakfast. When your spouse wakes up, greet him or her with a hot breakfast before his or her feet even hit the floor.

6. Wash and detail your wife’s minivan. Somewhere, buried beneath melted crayons, book bags, athletic equipment and stale French fries, lies a once beautiful, new minivan. If your wife spends a lot of time running the kids around, she’s sure to appreciate your efforts to make her vehicle look (and smell) like new.

7. Give a back or foot rub. If your spouse is stressed, find a comfy place on the couch, bed or floor, and give your best day-spa massage. You don’t have to be a professional to work out the kinks and to help your spouse work out the tension he or she has accumulated.

8. Call your in-laws … just to talk. Most people have laughed at at least one in-law joke. People wouldn’t laugh if the jokes didn’t contain a grain of truth. Surprise your spouse and your in-laws by calling them out of the blue just to ask how they’re doing and to tell them you love them. It might be out of character for you but you’ll find that it will communicate volumes about the love you have for your spouse.

9. Finish all of the jobs on the “honey-do” list. Most wives have a list of things they’d like their husbands to do around the house. They contain things like: change the batteries in the smoke detectors, fix that squeaky door hinge, take care of the leaky faucet, clean out the garage and paint the fence. On and on it goes. Find a free Saturday, get up early, and knock out as much of the list as you can—without grumbling.

10. Establish a specific time of the day to pray for your spouse. The most significant way you can serve your spouse is to pray for him or her. Pick a specific time each day, drop everything and spend a few moments in prayer.  Then, watch your prayer life, your spouse’s life and your marriage grow.

Jesus’ call to serve goes beyond the walls of the church. It spills over into every area of life. Surely you can develop a lifestyle of service by reaching out to the person who is closest to you, your spouse.

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