Who is Writing the Story You’re Living?


We are all living our own stories. Our stories can be beautiful. They can be tragic. They can be full of redemption, beauty, love, faith and triumph. And, they can also be full of grief, hurt, pain, fear and sadness. There are lots of chapters, multiple twists and turns, heroines and villains, and plenty of tension, conflict, suspense and intrigue. After all, that is what makes the best stories so captivating.

But, I’ve been wondering about something. I’ve been thinking about an extremely important variable for each of us. I’ve come to believe that it’s vital that we each wrestle through this question:

Who is writing the story you’re living?

The first thing we think is, “Well, I’m writing my own story.” That’s what we naturally believe. But, I’m convinced that, at times, we allow others to write our lives. We can actually become minor characters in our own lives.

What do I mean?

Is that teacher who told you that you’d never amount to something still preventing you from running toward your dreams? Is your absentee parent driving you to seek the affirmation you crave from the people around you? Are the classmates who bullied you still keeping you in the shadows, afraid to stand up or speak out? Is the person who is withholding their approval compelling you to strive harder and harder for a simple approving nod?

It’s a tragic thing when we allow others to write our stories. But, do you want to know something? There is only one person who is qualified to write your story.

And, it is not you!


Don’t be. It’s true that we are each living our own stories. But, each of our individual stories are bound up into one Big Story. And, the Author of that story has written a much better story about each of us. It’s far better than what those other would-be authors would write:

If the only One who is authorized to write our stories says those kinds of things to us, what kind of stories should we be living?

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