Perfect Parenting


Parenting is frustrating!

As soon as you think you have your kid figured out, he changes! You just begin to learn the rules and settle into a rhythm. You get into the groove. Everybody’s happy. We’re all getting along. Then, without warning, he changes everything up on you.


What to do? As a parent, I strive to be perfect. But, I fail regularly. I know I do. I’m aiming for perfect parenting. But, I’m all too often reminded that this type of perfection is simply unattainable. This truth was swimming around in my head the other night when I stumbled across a thought that encouraged me.

Now, on a regular basis, I run into a thought, concept, article, podcast, or book that is so profound, so well-timed, or so creatively presented that I am permanently impacted. And, as many of my good friends know, it is difficult to resist the urge to share. They get stuff from me on a regular basis. The other day, it happened again. I read this fantastic article about perfection and parenting. I want to share it with you because it made a simple, elegant point that has stuck with me.

This is the point:

The only type of perfection that matters in parenting is perfect attendance.

None of us will parent perfectly, even for a day. I certainly can’t. I make mistakes. I blow my lid. I am selfish. I contradict myself. I get distracted. I am an imperfect parent. But, there’s one thing I can do:

Keep. Showing. Up.

I can show up every day, keep coming back for more. I can try, fail, adjust, and try again. Sometimes I’ll strike out. Sometimes, I’ll hit it out of the park. The one thing my son needs to know is that I’m going to be there every morning and that I’m going to try my best to be the type of man, husband, and parent I want him to be one day. I’m going to fail. He’s going to hear me apologize and ask for forgiveness often. But, I’m going to be there.

May we all be the type of parents who—although we may not have it all figured it out—get the award for perfect attendance. 

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