All the Poor and Powerless

One of my favorite songs is called “All the Poor and Powerless” by All Sons and Daughters.

The opening verse states:

All the poor and powerless
And all the lost and lonely
And all the thieves will come confess
And know that You are holy
And know that You are holy

Those who end up knowing that God is good—because he rescues them—are the poor, powerless, lost, lonely thieves who recognize their need for him. But, so often, we deceive ourselves into thinking that the rich and powerful people who seem to know exactly where they’re headed and who are constantly surrounded by a merry crowd of friends are the ones who are blessed by God, the ones who know his strength, goodness, and power.

We can’t know God’s riches until we have tasted poverty, his power until we are powerless. And, we won’t be found or filled with the most faithful of friendships until we are lost and lonely.

That’s precisely why God has always had a place in his heart for people who are marginalized and oppressed. He loves people who are foreigners and aliens, outcast, shunned, destitute, and abandoned. He loves children who cannot defend themselves. He honors the weak and wounded.

As his people, are you glorying in your own strength and righteousness? Or, do you recognize your own poverty and desperate need for him? Are you tempted to recline in your righteousness, enjoying all you’ve been blessed with? Or, in your weakness, do you join God in his mission to redeem and restore others who are lost and lonely, poor and powerless?

We’ll only experience God’s holiness and goodness, his favor and provision, when we join him.

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